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Patient Engagement Platform Process

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Our Workflow Process "SmartDesign"

To achieve maximum benefits from every engagement, adhering to a common workflow process ensures rapid successful deployment.

Connection Strategy

Identify "Who" you need to communicate with and "How" they prefer to be engaged.

Step 1
2-4 Hour Exercise

Identify High Value Moments

The key to delivering the right content to the right person at the right moments is to first understand the high value moments that drives each engagement.

Step 2
1-3 Hour Exercise

Develop Initial Story Mappings

Develop the initial journey mappings for the timing of each engagement. These process steps will feed into the Workflow Design.

Step 3
2-6 Hour Exercise

Identify the Digital Assets

Identify all the content to be delivered throughout the engagement. This will include video, audio, sms messages, documents, images and text.

Step 4
2-4 Hour Exercise

Identify Content Designs Needed

At this point in the process, designers will begin to identify SmartPages, email templates, text to voice scripting, etc. that will be used throughout the journey.

Step 5
1-3 Day Exercise

Identify the Data & Rules Needed

This is a critical step in the process as it identifies the data needed to populate web pages, text & voice messages, conditional routing of the workflow and dynamically populating media content.

Step 6
2-8 Hour Exercise

Document the Success Criteria

What good is a well thought out engagement model if there are no goals to measure success. Identify the data needed in order to create the proper metrics for measuring success.

Data used for analysis can come from inputed data, captured data, communication data and video consumption statistics.

Step 7
2-4 Hour Exercise

Custom Software Development

"When your business needs require customization, you can count of SmartStory to partner with you from design through deployment. The flexibility of the Mobile Experience Platform allows for custom integrations and deployment."

Powerful Partnerships & Trusted Relationships

Like you, we don’t do business with just anyone. Your success depends on reliable hardware and software IT Solutions. That’s why SmartStory works with these trusted partners.

Deliver the right content to the right person at the right moment.