Mobile Experience Platform

Purpose-built for integrated, omnichannel mobile engagements

Transform customer engagement by delivering an immersive digital experience—including real-time responses, precise content targeting and sophisticated analytics, all in one package.


Powerful Tools Deliver Real-time Results

Configure Workflow Journey Data

The Journey Data is at the heart of delivering the right content to the right person at the right moment.

Establish key data fields and linkages in order to personalize journeys and conduct ongoing refinement while protecting patient privacy.

Journey data is sourced from data received via data imports, configuration and calculated rules and captured data throughout the process.

Easy-to-Manage Content Library

Upload your own videos, images and documents into a central repository of approved content.

Dynamically populate content into SmartPages based on metadata and workflow rules.

Expand your media library by using third-party rich media content.

Engagement Analytics

Data is captured for all communications, SmartPage activity, video usage and the metadata for each workflow.

Content interaction data—such as “what videos were watched?” and “how long were they watched?” —is captured for further analysis.

Each step is tracked and measured to evaluate engagement.

Flexible SmartPage Builder

Build dynamic webpages (SmartPages) in hours not days with pre-built components.

SmartPages contain video content, forms, calls to action, and every feature found in fully functioning webpages.

Workflow routing takes customers to specific SmartPages. The contents of a page (videos, images and text) can be static or populated based on content rules and data.

Branding Compliance

Enforce marketing brand standards with colors and logo options defined by your style guide.

Pre-made templates comply with brand standards to enforce consistency and speed to market.

Report Builder

Custom reports deliver actionable feedback for decision-making and ongoing refinement of content, triggers, subject matter and engagement for better outcomes.

Data sources include every field within the defined Journey Data, eMail, Text and Voice Communication Data.

In addition, data is collected from the Video Player and SmartPages, which allow for analysis of engagement behavior.


Key communication methods include text to voice, email, SMS, MMS and Secure Messaging.

SMS and Email include personal URLs to SmartPages and hyperlinks to your approved content.

Unlike most secure messaging solutions, SmartStory does not require downloading an app to your phone. Instead it's managed to linked mobile web pages.

Deliver the right content to the right person at the right moment.