Take Engagement to a New Level

SmartStory automates and personalizes customer communications. Personalized SmartPages are built dynamically with rich media delivering information to audience when they need it, the way they want it.

Trigger events engage customers with omni-channel communications via voice, email, SMS, secure messaging and/or video chat on any device.

Rich content (such as including videos, images, text and documents) is delivered from an approved library. Webforms collect relevant data with ease, replacing antiquated paper forms.

Securely Message with Confidence

Often times your organization needs to communicate directly with customers or patients in a secure chat session.

With SmartStory Secure Messaging, you can configure communications for targeted one on one sessions or to team inboxes. Communications can be initiated by your customer or from your team portal.

SmartPages Deliver Rich, Personalized Content

Personalized customer communications, (whether voice, email or text) are actionable or include a hyperlink to a Smart Page.

SmartPages display relevant content defined by the workflow and metadata. Forms are used to collect information.

Secure messaging and video chat adhere to regulatory communications requirements, including HIPAA.

"SmartStory has been instrumental in the development of our patient engagement digital strategy experiences utilizing mobile SmartPages, text and email to effectively engage and educate patients, driving actions resulting in improved medication adherence, positive health outcomes and operational efficiencies."

Pam - Director, Patient Engagement Marketing

Powerful Tools Deliver Real-time Results

The key to building superior engagements is having a fully integrated technology platform.

Our Story

The Challenge That Brought Us Together

Organizations are fighting for audience attention and meaningful mobile engagement.

Content is exploding, attention spans are shrinking and demand for personalization is increasing.

One capability separates hundreds of thousands of organizations from the potential to power digital age growth, profits, cost savings and better service: The ability to deliver the right content to the right person at the right moment… without tedious and error-prone manual processes.

Our Vision: Build a Better Engagement Platform

We founded SmartStory Technologies based on the belief that customer engagement could be significantly enhanced through the artful crafting of storytelling through short form video, omni-channel communications, secure-messaging, mobile and ongoing engagement triggered by driven by key data events.

We put the audience front and center with personalized, dynamic SmartPages and automate otherwise manual omni-channel engagement processes with content libraries of video, pdfs, static web content and polling/forms. The result of years of investments in engineering and product development is our SmartStory Mobile Experience Platform. It automates and personalizes communications, enhancing customer experiences, creating new revenue opportunities and reducing communications costs. We can help you to digitally transform how you engage with customers and prospects and accelerate how they engage with you.

Our Team

We're a team of experienced business and technical professionals passionate about accelerating mobile engagement.

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Chris Minor
President & CEO

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Chris DiGiorgio
Chairman & Advisor

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Giovanni Paliska
Executive Director of Sales

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Greg Ness
Executive Director of Marketing

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Clay Conner
SVP & Director of Client Services

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Christie Brodie
Director of UX & Web Design

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Edgar Velazquez Colin
Technical Analyst & Web Builder

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