SmartStory Product Overview


The SmartPage is a highly contextualized web environment for delivering engaging SmartStories. Delivered to the consumer directly from their trusted brand, a SmartPage meets the consumer’s immediate need at the height of their interest through expertly curated SmartStories. The SmartPage also offers opportunity for a next generation ecommerce experience through digital incentives, digital coupons, affiliate linking, product placement, digital advertising and more.


Access SmartPages on desktop, mobile devices, or tablet.

SmartPages give trusted professionals the opportunity to capitalize on each customer meeting or transaction by sending them personalized information at any point in the customer life-cycle.

Sequenced SmartStories take consumers on a journey from beginning to end through subject matter that is curated specifically to meet their needs.

SmartPages contain real estate for video features, masthead sponsorships, pre-roll and post-roll ads, coupons, and direct links to drive customer lifetime value.

120-second maximum video length

SmartPathTM App

The SmartPath enterprise app is the answer for creating long-term immersive consumer engagement. Users gain unlimited access to SmartStories created and endorsed by their trusted brands. They can also choose to receive daily delivery of their favorite short-form video content to any of their devices at the time they desire, test their knowledge with quizzes, discover other related SmartStories, receive digital incentives and coupons and share SmartStories with their friends.


Consumers can choose to be notified daily about new episodes from their favorite content.

The SmartPath App is available from desktop to mobile devices, when and where consumers need it.

Find experts from across the board in one easily accessible place.

By associating a brand logo with each SmartStory, consumers will always know the trusted source of their content.

A SmartCodeTM is a promotional code, entered into the SmartPath app, that enables audiences to view specific content in a particular sequence or package with the option to add new content regularly.

Each SmartStory comes with a written transcript.

SmartStory Engagement Platform

Manage and curate end-user SmartPage and SmartPath experiences

Say hello to a next generation, cloud-based, customer engagement platform that converts big data into personalized, data-driven video storytelling. The SmartStory Engagement Platform uses customer loyalty data, PMI, and other predetermined data keys to dynamically mold consumer data in real-time and respond to consumer facing complex products and services in the form of SmartPages and SmartPaths.

Over time, the SmartStory Engagement Platform gathers multiple data points from multiple points of customer interest and threads them together to create greater accuracy with predictive and intelligent targeting to deliver ongoing curated content and digital incentives that are personalized to individual consumers. Because the platform functions across a broad scope of industries, companies of all kinds can now work adjacently to create highly valuable long-term consumer engagement.

Platform Features

Organizations can collect and manage videos, ads, and coupons within their branded library. These assets can then be pulled into the platform’s Smart Page builder to create and publish video pages.

The SmartStory Engagement Platform helps companies understand and improve their user engagement through analytics that measure viewership, geography, video sharing, engagement, user activities, and A-B testing. The platform also includes outputs for Learning Management Systems (LMS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), HR Services, and 3rd Party Reporting.

Marketers can manage and execute campaigns using email templates, client branding, system messaging, and pathway creation and scheduling to produce a personalized and effective consumer experience.

The SmartStory platform allows the creation of users, admins, orgs, and sub-orgs, and enables the sharing of content between parent and child orgs. Companies also have control over how and what users can access through roles & permissions, creating a secure and HIPAA compliant environment.


OS Notifications

PROWL™ enables operating system push notifications with immediate access to SmartPages without opening software like a web client or app. PROWL can be used on any OS.

Windows SmartStart™

SmartStart is a PROWL app native to HP computers running Windows 8. SmartStart helps users maximize the utilization of a new computer by pushing instructional video content via a SmartPage immediately following device registration.

On-Dashboard Display

Vehicle dashboards with a digital display can utilize PROWL to push informative videos to the driver about relevant subjects:

  • Vehicle Features
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Nearby Attractions
  • GPS-based information