A big data, personalized and sequenced video marketing and e-commerce platform

How It Works

1. Integrate with Our Platform

2. Design Your SmartStory Experience

3. Publish Your SmartStory

4. Automate Delivery using Integrated Triggers

5. Track the Results

6. Create Long-Term Engagement

Say hello to a next generation, cloud-based, customer engagement platform that converts big data into personalized, data-driven video storytelling. The SmartStory Engagement Platform uses customer loyalty data, PMI, and other predetermined data keys to dynamically mold consumer data in real-time and respond to consumer facing complex products and services in the form of SmartPages and SmartPaths.

Over time, the SmartStory Engagement Platform gathers multiple data points from multiple points of customer interest and threads them together to create greater accuracy with predictive and intelligent targeting to deliver ongoing curated content and digital incentives that are personalized to individual consumers. Because the platform functions across a broad scope of industries, companies of all kinds can now work adjacently to create highly valuable long-term consumer engagement.

Platform Features

Organizations can collect and manage videos, ads, and coupons within their branded library. These assets can then be pulled into the platform’s Smart Page builder to create and publish video pages.

The SmartStory Engagement Platform helps companies understand and improve their user engagement through analytics that measure viewership, geography, video sharing, engagement, user activities, and A-B testing. The platform also includes outputs for Learning Management Systems (LMS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), HR Services, and 3rd Party Reporting.

Marketers can manage and execute campaigns using email templates, client branding, system messaging, and pathway creation and scheduling to produce a personalized and effective consumer experience.

The SmartStory platform allows the creation of users, admins, orgs, and sub-orgs, and enables the sharing of content between parent and child orgs. Companies also have control over how and what users can access through roles & permissions, creating a secure and HIPAA compliant environment.