Take Your Pharmacist Home

Videos can actually improve patients’ health by increasing their adherence to medications, while reducing readmissions and treatment costs.

The Pharmacy Time Crunch

Receiving a new prescription can be confusing and overwhelming to patients. When patients pick up their prescription at a pharmacy they have only a few minutes of facetime with a pharmacist and then receive instructions for their medication in the form of 2 pages of 6 pt print stapled onto the bag with the purchase receipt stapled again over the pages. Of course this innovation called the printing press has been around for nearly 500 years. We can’t expect patients to have a high level of adherence when they are not provided with information in a way they can actually digest it.

Driving Patient Health Through Increased Adherence

The recent explosion of smart devices and the rocketing appetite for video creates a pivotal opportunity for delivering a next generation patient experience. With non-adherence for prescription drugs reaching as high as 50%, driving compliance and adherence will increase long-term revenues and lower costs related to waste from initial prescription fills.

Americans Are On Prescription Drugs
Prescription Drugs Taken Incorrectly
Billion Annual Pharmacy Related Waste

A New Wave of Patient Engagement

SmartStory Technologies works with Pharmacies and Patient Benefit Managers (PBM’s) to deliver the finest patient engagement experience by capitalizing on patient data-driven moments like filling new prescriptions, and automatically pushing relevant knowledge in the form of SmartStories, sent from a trusted expert right at the moment of need. By pioneering a new patient engagement experience, SmartStory Technologies aims to increase patient adherence and drive innovation that will create new opportunities for additional revenue streams for both pharmacies and PBM’s.