Turn your big data into personalized and ongoing video storytelling:

Push relevant short video content to customers when it matters most.

Extend the customer relationship beyond a transaction.

Make smarter ecommerce offers.

SmartStory Engagement Platform

Dynamically assemble short-form video SmartStories™
Use data triggers to automatically push content at the moment of need
Create individualized and relevant content journeys and PURLs
Publish mobile and desktop cloud-based end-user experiences
Learn audience engagement preferences
Integrate nearly any data source

SmartStory End-User Experience

SmartStory notifies Brad of real-time video updates from his favorite sport’s teams.

SmartStory is helping Christina plan a healthy pregnancy for herself and her baby.

And SmartStory is giving Amy transformational leadership tips to propel her employees to achieve greater success.

Why SmartStory?

Big Data – SmartStory collects and integrates data to push relevant content at the moment customers expect to receive it.
Trusted Expert – SmartStory maximizes the customer relationship by giving frictionless access to content produced by the brands they trust.
Sequenced Video – Video is one of the preferred methods for learning, entertainment, and engagement. Sequencing videos provides an ongoing, contextualized experience.

SmartStory Benefits A Wide Range of Industries

Primarily those with high engagement and /or high consideration products and services.