The Complex Patient Experience

Never before in history have we had more innovative healthcare and services that improve the lives of patients, and at the same time, come with such poor adoption and engagement. Prescription drug adherence is now at 50%, contributing to significant financial loss to hospitals and healthcare providers. The problem is that patients continue to be presented with outdated methods of communication at the moment when they have to make life-changing decisions about complex medical conditions and procedures. Without sufficient knowledge transfer, patients are unable to make informed choices about their treatment and lifestyle.

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Meeting Patients at their Moment of Need

SmartStory Technologies is dedicated to helping hospitals and healthcare providers capitalize on their patient data-driven moments like new diagnosis or pre- and post-operations to provide patients with relevant SmartStories in the moment of their greatest need. SmartStory long-term immersive engagement creates opportunity for improved patient health by closing the “knowledge gap” that prevents patients from receiving the full benefits of their healthcare experience.

People Ages 18-64 Find Health Information Online
Patients Don't Take Their Prescriptions at All

SmartStory Long-term Patient Engagement

By providing a patient-centric SmartStory built on expertly produced and curated wisdom, patients can increasingly expect to be engaged in a personal and meaningful way throughout the patient life-cycle, from interest to diagnosis to post-operation and post-prescription.