Consumer Electronics

Complex Consumer-Facing Products

There is a rapid increase in new complex consumer products. The result is a consumer “knowledge gap” that is detrimental to customer loyalty and satisfaction. Consumer Electronics returns with No Trouble Found (NTF) is the largest single issue for retailers and manufacturers. When customers cannot figure out how to use or don’t see the full value of the product they just purchased, they give up and return it.

The Age of Data and Video

With massive amounts of customer data and the explosive growth of consumer video engagement, there is a great opportunity to close the knowledge gap and exceed customer expectations through targeted SmartStories. SmartStory Technologies uses customer data-driven moments like the purchase of a new PC or smartphone to automatically push relevant knowledge in the form of SmartStories to customers at the height of their interest.

People in the United States Are Going to Watch 1.2 Billion Online Videos Today
Consumers Say Watching Product Videos Makes Them More Confident In Purchase Decisions

SmartStories Throughout the Customer Life-Cycle

SmartStories can be used throughout the customer life-cycle from interest to purchase to post-purchase through to renewal and loyalty, to help businesses become more relevant to their customers by providing expertly produced, client-branded advice and product information in the moment of need, ultimately increasing customer engagement, satisfaction, product use and brand loyalty.