SmartStory™ Automates the Delivery of Personalized Video Experiences for Catamaran’s BriovaRx Pharmacy to Increase Patient Engagement

By June 3, 2015Press

YahooFinancePickupSmartStory™ Technologies leverages real-time patient prescription data to deliver a sequence of therapy specific short-form videos at the patient’s height of interest and time of need

SmartStory™ Technologies and pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) Catamaran Corp. have teamed up to provide certain personalized instructional healthcare videos to patients of BriovaRx®, Catamaran’s specialty pharmacy subsidiary, using SmartStory’s cloud-based enterprise intelligent video delivery, e-commerce, and analytics platform.

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SmartStory and BriovaRx collaborated to create an original library of short-form, sequenced videos targeting hepatitis C and multiple sclerosis (MS) disease states in order to provide patients with highly relevant expertise and inspiration during their treatment journey. The SmartStory platform intelligently orchestrates the personalization and timely delivery of these video experiences directly to a patient’s mobile or desktop device triggered by specific events and / or touchpoints along the patient experience.

“This innovation has given us a great opportunity to create personalized content that is going to make a difference in people’s lives,” said Catamaran SVP of Specialty Pharmacy, Mike Zeglinski.

BriovaRx patients started receiving the improved patient experience in mid-March. The SmartStory platform is tracking and mapping individual patient video viewing behaviors to the following long-term program objectives:

  • Increase engagement
  • Influence adherence
  • Close the patient “knowledge gap”
  • Promote preventative health

On average, SmartStory users watch 3.7 videos per viewing session (of 5 available videos each session) and complete 81.8% of any video they view.

SmartStory’s push-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution enables product or service providers to deliver carefully selected client-branded video content that supplements complicated product information that prevents consumers and patients from getting the full benefit of their purchases. For hospitals and pharmacies, the videos can improve patients’ health by increasing their adherence to medical instructions, while reducing readmissions and treatment costs. SmartStory has access to an extensive and growing video library featuring trusted national and local experts on medical and health-and-wellness topics.

“As an innovative industry leader that is committed to supporting patients on their path to wellness, BriovaRx is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the SmartStory customer-engagement platform,” said SmartStory Technologies President and former Apple senior executive, C. Lloyd Mahaffey. “Their patient-centric commitment to providing superior customer service and support closely aligns with our own strategy of using a personalized ‘video arc of engagement’ to tell smart stories that create long-term, immersive customer engagement.”

About SmartStory Technologies

SmartStory Technologies, headquartered in San Mateo, CA, is an enterprise content delivery and analytics platform company dedicated to helping pharmacies, consumer electronics retailers, professional sports, financial institutions, and other providers of complex products and services communicate more effectively and engage more deeply with customers through automated delivery of sequenced and personalized short-form videos. By providing expertly produced and curated, client-branded advice and product information triggered by a purchase or other consumer interaction, SmartStory helps businesses close the “knowledge gap” that prevents customers from enjoying the full benefit of their purchases. Closing this gap can increase customer satisfaction, increase revenue and brand loyalty, encourage ongoing customer engagement, stimulate consumer behavior changes and lower business costs. For more information, visit