SmartStory™ and Stayhealthy Launch Pilot Program to Deliver Personalized Healthcare Videos to Pharmacy Customers

New cloud-based video delivery platform helps retailers, pharmacies, hospitals, and others to boost customer engagement and satisfaction

SAN MATEO, Calif., Jul 29, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) — SmartStory™ Technologies today announced it has deployed its groundbreaking SmartStory enterprise platform, which automates the delivery of short, sequenced and personalized videos in several U.S. retail pharmacies.

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The service was launched last month with Monrovia, California-based health-solutions company Stayhealthy Inc., which operates thousands of HealthCENTER™ kiosks in pharmacies, grocery stores and employer locations across the country to measure customers’ health indicators, such as body composition, body mass index, hydration, weight, heart rate and blood pressure. SmartStory is now using this data, with customers’ permission, from an initial group of pharmacies to deliver personalized short-form videos (three minutes or less) to explain customers’ specific health readings on their smartphones and personal computers.

This is the first deployment of SmartStory Technologies’ next-generation, cloud-based customer-engagement platform, which converts big data into personalized, data-driven video storytelling that simply explains complex consumer products and services. The company’s sequential short-form videos enable large brick-and-mortar companies as well as e-commerce brands to automatically deliver highly contextualized expertise on any screen at the customer’s height of interest, and time of need.

The SmartStory platform’s powerful analytical capabilities can draw upon multiple streams of customer information – including real-time point-of-sale, health and biometric data – to anticipate customers’ interests and proactively deliver curated videos from the company’s growing library of professionally produced video content.

“We’re looking forward to bringing SmartStory’s high-quality videos to users of our HealthCENTER™ kiosks,” said Stayhealthy CEO John Collins. “Our goal is to provide a convenient, intuitive way for users to monitor and participate in their own wellness, and we expect these personalized, short videos to be a valuable tool for enhancing that process.”

SmartStory’s push-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution allows product or service providers to deliver client-branded content that closes the “knowledge gap” that often prevents consumers from getting the full benefit of their purchases. It also responds to consumers’ growing appetite for short-form videos, especially on mobile devices. According to Forrester Research, Americans are 75 percent more likely to watch video than to read print, while 85 percent prefer to watch an online video about a company to reading its website content. By capitalizing on these trends with data-driven content, the SmartStory solution builds customer engagement and loyalty and educates audiences at scale. For hospital systems and retail pharmacies, the videos can actually improve patients’ health by increasing their adherence to medications, while reducing readmissions and treatment costs.

“Too much of today’s health-care and product information is complicated, appears in small print or is irrelevant to consumers’ actual needs,” said SmartStory Technologies CEO and founder Michael Boerner. “Our ‘video arc of engagement,’ or SmartStory, helps consumers and patients make better, more informed choices by removing the noise, while providing companies a new best practice to build long-term immersive relationships. The medium has shifted from text to video, and in today’s mobile world, customers expect to be engaged with relevant, short-form video content on every screen.”

Based in Silicon Valley, SmartStory Technologies was founded in 2012 by Michael Boerner, an award-winning technologist and film and video producer; C. Lloyd Mahaffey, a former Apple and Verifone senior executive; and Eric Eilertsen, formerly at Procter & Gamble and a retail technology leader. It has raised more than $5 million from private investors to complete its technology platform and establish offices in key U.S. markets. The company will be announcing additional partnerships and programs with market leaders in the coming weeks and months.

About SmartStory Technologies
SmartStory Technologies, wholly owned by Transilio, Inc., is an enterprise content delivery and analytics platform company dedicated to helping pharmacies, hospitals, consumer electronics retailers, financial institutions, and other providers of complex products and services communicate more effectively and engage more deeply with customers through automated delivery of sequenced and personalized short-form videos. By providing expertly produced and curated, client-branded advice and product information triggered by a purchase or other consumer interaction, it helps businesses close the “knowledge gap” that prevents customers from enjoying the full benefit of their purchases. Closing this gap can increase customer satisfaction, increase revenue and brand loyalty, encourage ongoing customer engagement, stimulate consumer behavior changes and lower business costs. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, SmartStory Technologies also has offices in New York City and Boise, Idaho. For more information, visit

About Stayhealthy, Inc.
Stayhealthy, Inc. is a privately owned healthcare solutions corporation headquartered in Monrovia, California. Since 1995, Stayhealthy has been committed to improving the way the world measures, manages, and accesses health and fitness. Stayhealthy has built a worldwide reputation within the research community for providing the highest-quality, FDA-cleared health measurement products, solutions, and services. Stayhealthy offers products to measure blood pressure, heart rate, total body weight, total body composition, vision (color blindness), and BMI. Stayhealthy has deployed a nationwide network of biometric products and health screening kiosks in thousands of grocery/pharmacy stores, employer facilities, fitness centers/gyms, clinical, medical, and provider sites to support consumer and public health initiatives to integrate with the healthcare community. Stayhealthy products, solutions, and services are backed by its powerful, HIPAA-compliant, online portal to empower and engage individuals, healthcare professionals, and healthcare organizations across the globe to track health measurement results over time, set goals for improvement, and monitor progress. For more information, visit

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