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A big data, personalized and sequenced video marketing and e-commerce platform

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Videos can actually improve patients' health by increasing their adherence to medications, while reducing readmissions and treatment costs.

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Deliver authoritative video content at any complex touchpoint in the customer journey to provide a timely, contextual, and engaging customer experience.

How It Works

1. Set Up a Content Trigger From Any Data Source

2. Design a Content Journey

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3. Deploy a SmartPageTM or SmartPathTM

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4. Create Long-Term Immersive Engagement

Of Online Shoppers Find Videos Useful When Deciding to Make a Purchase
Of People Watch Videos Everyday
Of Consumer Internet Traffic Will Be Video by 2017

The Web’s Evolution

Confused Web

1995  Companies race to create a web presence with a URL – www.

Organized Web

2000  Search engines take the leadership role in organizing information on the web.

Transactional Web

2005  eCommerce explodes and category killers appear (e.g. Amazon and eBay).

Anecdotal Web

2010  Video outpaces text. Anyone can make a video of anything, place it on YouTube, and it could be interpreted as “truth.”

Authoritative Web

2016  Information paired with a subject matter expert. Users want authenticated information to help them make decisions about products and services that are relevant, simple, and engaging. Major video sharing websites have lost credibility.